The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is an unique tourist attraction on a global scale as it is a place of continuous mining of raw materials since the Middle Ages. This famous mine, located not far from Krakow, covers an underground area of ​​300 kilometers, 327 meters deep, on 9 levels. Due to being a geological and cultural curiosity it was visited by various people since the fifteenth century. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The part of the mine open to visitors resemble an underground city, that offers a variety of unforgettable attractions such as underground lakes, vast natural chambers, majestic altars, statues and bas-reliefs carved into blocks of salt. There are also expositions with antique tools and mining equipment and all that located at depths varying from 64 to 135 meters under surface. These extraordinary conditions are known to have a therapeutic benefits but it is advisable to wear warm clothing due to the temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and the tour also requires good physical condition as the route is over 2.5 km long (there is an option of shorter tour). The visit takes about 3 hours and is done in groups with a tour guide.

It is worth adding that the salt in the mine can be dated back to Miocene, an era which lasted since 23,03 million until 5,333 million years ago. The salt was mined till 1996. It s worth seeing the salt formations there, as the views can be breathtaking. The place is a very popular tourist spot, visited by more than a million people every year.

Wieliczka salt mine tour is a great adventure which will be a thing to remember both for kids and adults. During your visit you can choose one of numerous tour paths, from the most popular tourist route, miner route, ending with the “Secrets of the Mine” tour and pilgrimage tour “God Bless”. Each tour is a very interesting trip that provides incredible views and offers a history lesson about this amazing place. It is worth mentioning that the mine is an underground labyrinth of corridors and chambers, full of figures, statues and equipment used to mine salt and sculpt in the walls. While you are participating in Wieliczka salt mine tour, you cannot miss the Cracow Salt Mines exhibit located on the third level, 135 meters underground. The display consists of tools nad machines used to mine and transport salt.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

  • Pick up from accommodation in Krakow.
  • A visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine – more than three hours.
  • Return to your accommodation or to the city center.
  • Tour takes 4-5 hours.
Service Regular tours guide Private tours
Duration Approx. 4 hours Approx. 4 hours
Reservation is required 24h before  –
Reception from hotel  √  √
Reception from hotel  √  √
Entrance tickets  √  √
Guided tour in Salt Mine  –  –
Sightseeing in groups of up to 30 people  √  √
Individual tour  √  √
Transport to Cracow  √  √
Hire a van/car only for your group  –  √
Price 1 person

140zł / 35€

Next person

130zł / 33€

1-4 persons

600zł / 150€

Next person

120zł / 30€