The Black Madonna of Częstochowa

Located in Silesia the city of Czestochowa with monastery on Jasna Gora is the aim of pilgrimages and tourist trips of Poles and people from around the world. Since the Polish culture and history are closely connected with Christianity and the Catholic Church, it is this particular place known to be a spiritual heart of Poland. The monastery complex belonging  to the Order of Saint Paul is one of the most important places of Marian devotion and the exhibition site of the famous icon of the Virgin Marry and the Child, known as Czestochowian, as well as an very important historic location. The monastery was founded in the fourteenth century and was constantly expanded to eventually become a military fortress of great historical and strategic importance. Therefore, it is worth to see the armory located there with a impressive collection of historical weapons, a museum and the treasury. The monastery fortress was under siege many times and prevailed despite the small number of defenders. The trip to Jasna Gora monastery from Krakow takes about 4 hours in a comfortable conditions with possible rest stop during the ride. It is possible to visit the ruins of the medieval castle in Ojcow along the way.

There are multi-lingual tour guides available on the site however the tour of the monastery and the surrounding area without a guide is completely free, therefore the duration of the whole tour is determined individually depending on your needs. Our English-speaking driver is at your disposal throughout the duration of the trip, providing assistance and information.

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