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Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour (English)

ID - 1 | Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour (English)

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Trip's dates and prices:

1.2018.05.02 Price:37 € H.10:15  7.2018.05.30 Price:34 € H.10:15
2.2018.05.05 Price:37 € H.10:15  8.2018.06.06 Price:35 € H.10:15
3.2018.05.10 Price:35 € H.9:00  9.2018.07.16 Price:35 € H.9:00
4.2018.05.14 Price:35 € H.8:45  10.2018.09.20 Price:35 € H.8:45
5.2018.05.20 Price:34 € H.14:00  11.2018.10.01 Price:35 € H.14:00
6.2018.05.22 Price:35 € H.13:00      

Basic information

Auschwitz museum commemorates the cruelest organized mass-murder in modern history that took place in the concentration camp built by the Nazi Germany on occupied Polish soil near the Oswiecim town. The whole complex consists of three parts: the administrative center (Auschwitz) concentration camp being also the death camp (Auschwitz II-Birkenau) and a labor camp. The area around the complex is open to the public along with objects and buildings located within its limits. Visitors to this former concentration camp can realize for themselves the scale and the enormity of the atrocities caused by the Third Reich to another nations and ethnic minorities – including Poles, Jews, Gypsies, Russians, French and others.

Tour schedule:

Pick up from the hotel about two hours before visiting in Auschwitz. Transport by van cars for up to 8 passengers or a Mercedes Sprinter buses for up to 23 people. After arriving to the museum a short about 10-15 minute break. Visiting Auschwitz I lasts about 1 hour 45 min. up to 2 hours and covers the entire available route, including symbol of the camp - the gate "Arbacht Macht Frei", administration buildings, prison hospital, historical exhibitions and dedicated to memory victims from different countries. After visiting the first part of the museum Auschwitz it is planned to be short, 10-15 minutes of break, than Transport to Birkenau, which is located 3.5 km away. Visiting the Birkenau camp lasts until 1 hour 15 minutes, including: entrance gate, ramp, wooden barracks in the prisoners lived, the gas chamber, the ruins of the crematorium. Return to Krakow, drop off in the same place or other indicated within Old Town or Kazimierz (Old Jewish Quarter). The whole trip takes about 7 hours.

Benefits included in the price:

* Hotel pickup and drop-off *Admission ticket * Professional English guide * Shared transport by air-conditioned van or minibus * Insurance * English speaking driver *

Additional fees:

* Private transport - contact us. We will adjust the car, price and trip plan to your expectations * Lunch box - 25zł *


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Auschwitz-Birkenau, Polska


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